The fool tells me his reasons. The wise man persuades me with my own.

If you are having trouble seeing the path forward, maybe you just need to change your perspective.

Andrew Nisbet

We help you shift perspective in your business, opening up new possibilities to connect your sales strategy and sales teams to your customers.



Selling isn't merely a transactional process - it's an art form, and like playing the guitar, writing a book or performing a great golf-swing, selling is a skill we can master. Success demands a passionate belief in what we offer, with a genuine understanding and connection to the customers we serve. Without this, we fight with price, competing in a race to the bottom.

But when we connect the dots, shifting a culture's belief in the business and the connection with their customers forward, the customer gets what they truly want, and so do you - a win/win!

If all we have is a hammer then everything looks like a nail.

Abraham Maslow


Competition, commoditisation and disruptive technologies are pressuring businesses into a downward spiral on price, disrupting the connection between their brand purpose, promise and how they sell. Businesses become stuck rolling-out the same initiatives, reduce prices, hope to sell higher volumes, but expect different results. Albert Einstein once referred to this as being the definition of insanity.

At Shift, we help senior executives and business leaders rebuild their sales strategies. We reconnect your people with the value the business offers and their understanding of what the customer wants.

We open your eyes to a new ball-game, a sustainable plan for growth and clarity in the businesses next steps.


Every business is a sales business – never before has it been more critical for a company to be in complete alignment with the customer experience. It's a role far beyond the marketing team, sales team or even the staff within your stores alone – it's the role of an active culture, in full understanding that everything we do is about the customer experience.

Through honest analysis of your strategies, plans, and sales process we create formal growth programs, provide consulting and host workshops that demand progression. We highlight where your value lies, and enable your business to connect with your customers in a meaningful and sustainable way.

Here we compete with value, connection and purpose. It's a race worth winning.



Over a span of 40 years, Andrew Nisbet has developed purpose-driven sales teams that align a business with its customers needs. Operating primarily in retail-trade distribution, Andrew has led sales teams to success both here in Australia & overseas.

Andrew's deep passion for customer-centric solutions stems from his curiosity towards business and buyer behaviour. It's a passion that has led to his current studies in psychology (Bachelor of Psychological Sciences). Andrew currently sits on a number of boards, is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD) and is using this next chapter of his career to help business leaders open up new possibilities with a Shift in their perspective.


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