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Why + a Positive

The power of asking why with a postive instead of a negative.

The Magic

A great sales team is the magic that sits between what our brand promises and how our customer feels

Hunters & Farmers

And the important middle-ground we must seek.

Be Proactive

We have more control than we think.

Insights on Selling 2019 - eBook

All of 2019s articles in one place, with audio format available.

Sales and marketing, or marketing and sales?

What comes first? Maybe it's neither!

2020 - a new decade

On bravery against short-termisim


Showing empathy is fundamental in any relationship we have.

The Next Blockbuster

The importance of preparation, groundwork and anticipation.

The Behaviours of Change

A look at what change really means in business, and how to overcome its biggest hurdle.

Understand First, Then Sell.

There's two types of questions when it comes to sales.

Customers & The Labels We Give Them.

Why we do it and how we can move forward.

Drop Your Price or Grow Your Value

Why focusing on value is a road less travelled.

Sun Tzu and The Art of Selling

Lessons on selling from over 2,500 years ago...

The Salesperson's Creed.

The dilemma and salvation of sales.

Safe Harbour & Killing Customer Trust.

When our brand promises one thing but our actions do something else.

Internal Commoditisation.

Customers buy on emotion and then justify their decision with logic, not the other way around.

Follow the Customer, Not the Sale.

The ethos of Shift Perspectives.